To my foreign friends, please help us. Regardless any kind of namely “illegal actions” of Lee Bo in China, any arrest and prosecution process of Chinese government within Hong Kong region is seriously unacceptable, in other words, that’s called “kinapping”. Please help us to share this video and voice out. Hongkongers’ freedom is endangered. Sorry for my poor English, but we need your kindly help.


影片來源:Nathan Law, Shu Kei 舒琪, @CHANVINCI

【Disappearance of Lee Bo…… Disappearance of Hong Kong】
One clip to know what has happened in Hong Kong, and what may happen in the future of Hong Kong. 
#HKDisappears #FreeHKBookSellers #FreeLeeBo
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In accordance with their appearance in video

Margret Ng 吳靄儀
Barrister, Former legislative council 大律師、前立法會議員

Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 
Convenor of Scholarism 學民思潮召集人

Martin Lee 李柱銘
Senior counsel, Former member of Basic Law drafting committee, Former Legislative councilor

Anthony Wong 黃耀明 
Singer/Songwriter 唱作人

Gregory Wong 王宗堯 
Actor 演員 

Benny Tai  戴耀庭
Associate Professor, Department of Law, University of Hong Kong 

Anson Chan 陳方安生
Former Chief Secretary for Administration 前政務司司長

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Subtitle& Translation 字幕及翻譯: Bel the transcriber
Production 製作: Shu Kei 舒琪, @CHANVINCI


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