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Adele fugue

這陣子下班後在 Facebook 上閒逛著,忽然看到 Adele Fugue 實在太驚為天人!

Translation 原文翻譯

資料來源:Some grade-A music geek has turned Adele’s Hello into a Bach Fugue – Classic FM Music News and Features, By Elizabeth Davis

Italian composer and arranger Giovanni Dettori has arranged Adele’s blockbuster single ‘Hello’ as a fugue – and it’s actually really rather good

意大利作曲家兼編曲家 Giovanni Dettor 剛剛把 Adele 風靡一時的單曲《Hello》編成(具巴赫風格的?)賦格曲--而且也真的編得很不錯。

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